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Romanian Gendarmerie is State's specialized institution, with military status, within the Ministry of Administration and Interior which, according to the law, exercises its attributions on protection of public order and safety, citizens' rights and fundamental liberties, public and private property, crime prevention and detection and other infringements of laws into force, as well as protection of State's fundamental institutions and countering of terrorist acts.

Romanian Gendarmerie, by its attributions, organization, training and territorial setting, contributes to guarantee sovereignty, independence, authority, State safety and union, constitutional democracy across the entire national territory, at peace, as well as during crisis situations.

Romania - member with full rights within the European Gendarmerie Force


The current law of the Romanian Gendarmerie is the Law no. 550 / 13.12.2004 on organizing and functioning of the Romanian Gendarmerie. Beside this, the Romanian Gendarmerie attributions are also regulated by other laws and rules.

  • Law no. 60/1991 on organizing the public meetings;
  • Law no. 61/1991 on sanctioning the actions of inobservance the social norms for public order;
  • Law no. 126/1995 regarding the explosive material regime;
  • Law no. 295/2004 on ammunition and fire arms regime;
  • Law no. 333/2003 on guarding of objectives, goods, values and persons protections;
  • Government decision no. 991/25.08.2005 for approving the Police Deontology and Ethics Code.

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